Friday, October 21, 2011


asks us to comment on Energy

(An Acrostic)

Electricity flowing through!
Nature's enthusiasm too!
Every fibre poised and eager,
Rejecting all that's dull and meagre!
Get up! Get out! Get revved! Get going!
(You, not me! My age is showing.)


The lissom, young and elegant,
Who move with easy grace;
Whose bodies follow music
To a light, unwordly place,
Fill us with joy and tenderness;
They flutter and they rise,
But there's another sort of grace
That fills us with surprise.
It's the grace of the stout lady
When she decides to sway,
With her roly-poly rippling
And her personal ballet!
She looks 'stately a galleon'*
As she moves around the floor,
With an amazing amplitude
And affinity with the score.
African ladies have it,
That billowing-bosomed pleasure
In unselfconscious glory,
Treating plumpness as a treasure. 
Their gracefulness does not depend
On dieting and rigour
Much of it wells up from within;
An almost holy vigour.
I love to see fat ladies dance;
They put a smile upon my face!
May they forever move and sway
With their own delicious grace!
A phrase from Joyce Grenfell, one of my favourite poets and entertainers.


madhumakhi said...

What a succinct way to define energy!
'Get up! Get out! get revved! Get going!' is indeed energizing.

rch said...

These are both funny but I really love the first one :D

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

your words ring true.

awesome imagery.

Judy Roney said...

These two poems are great energizers but I identify totally with the first (last line). :)