Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pot Shot

gives us the first line of a limerick.


A fellow who'd taken a shot
At a noble called Count Bernadotte
Was soon guillotined, 
For he'd misdemeaned,
And the populace danced a gavotte.


Do you recall a bite ago,
Before the devastating blow,
Before that dreadful realisation
That we had ruined all Creation?
Remember how soft breezes blew,
And everything was fresh and new,
And how all creatures great and small
Would meekly answer to our call?
Do you recall how days were sweet,
And our relationship complete?
I'd smile, you'd smile, soft words were spoken;
I'd give you daisies as a token.
Nothing ventured, nothing planned;
Though, sometimes, I would touch your hand.
It had been like that since time began.
What was Woman? What was Man?
Every day was just the same
As we wandered, naked, without shame.
And then you picked! And then you bit!
Oh dear! That was the end of it!
Lor Lummy! Eve! What have you done!
Come on, gal! Let's have some fun!

1 comment:

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Good verse as always!

And thanks for your fun Limerick-Off limerick!