Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lewis's Laugh



Peter, my friend, is an artist;
He draws for the local press.
He chooses topical themes, of course
As my readers probably guess.
This is for an item
About council over-spending.
I'm sure, where you are living too,
Such topics are never-ending!
I love the golden yellow
In this cartoon depiction;
I'm sure it's much more mellow
Than all that Council friction!


You wouldn't think a simple tree
Would have a desire for symmetry!
When the sun is positioned right
And it's bold and big and bright
I like to pose like a Grecian Urn
So people passing by will turn
And say 'Look at that lovely tree!
Isn't it a novelty!
With it's patterned trunk and it's shade spread out
It's a work of art without a doubt!'
(But there's a fact I just can't hide;
I'll have to work on that left-hand side!)

Max will be five next week and he had his family birthday party yesterday. (Blake, recently 13 shared in the celebration.) I took this portrait of Max and I think it shows his cheeky charm. I think he might be a lady-killer in years to come!

He was thrilled with the Spider Man gear from Auntie Becca

And he very quickly caught his other Grandmother, Caroline, in his web! Malcolm enjoyed the joke.

We were introduced to a new Mallard, Olivia, a lovely baby.

After tea the boys ventured in the pool for the first time this spring. It's obvious that Harry is finding the water rather cold!


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