Sunday, October 2, 2011


Loggers' Memorial Sketch - Camp 18 Restaurant - Elsie, Oregon



A lumber-jack in Canada was taking-on new men.
And he looked Archie up and down and up and down again.
'Lord! You're a skinny little runt' he gasped with mocking laugh.
'Most of my men are enormous. You look more like a half!
Never  mind, I'll give you a try.... see that great redwood nearby.
Let me see you chop it down. It's wide and thick and high.'
Archie chopped it down with ease. 'Why Archie! You're a freak!
Said the lumberjack 'Where on earth did you learn such a great technique?
'It was in the Sahara Forest.' Archie answered him at once.
Said the lumberjack 'You can chop all right but, Archie, you're a dunce!
There's no Sahara Forest. It's a desert, dry and brown.
'It's a desert now' said Archie ' Cos I chopped all the redwoods down.'



I came upon this picture and it leaped up from the page!
A rather odd contraption from a very different age!
It was advertised as giving Baby plenty of fresh air
If the parents lived in a high rise and the child got in their hair!
Baby doesn't look too pleased as he dangles from a height.
What if they forget him and leave him there all night!!
We missed our monthly walk in September; some other activity intervened. But we made up for it today with a Marathon trek! We walked round the lake to the Awaba Art Gallery. Carole said we walked 4,500 steps to get there so I declined to walk home after lunch and I got a lift home instead.  

Here is Pam posing for me as we wait for the other walkers to arrive at the car park.

We crossed Cockle Creek, passing a very regal pelican.

The Art Gallery was small but charming. Here was a corner for budding artists.

I didn't much care for the main exhibition which was called Re-View and consisted of 'takes' on famous art works.

The Restaurant was pleasantly positioned.

And here are the diners. Most of these people walked another 4,500 steps home (under threatening skies) but I got a lift and travelled home in comfort!

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