Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mail Function



Here we have absurdity
Cartoonised by Gerald Gee.
Butlers, once so stiff and formal,
Now seem, to us, to be abnormal.
The internet, work of the Devil,
Brings us all down to one level.
The Boss is blogging in his den
Just like other common men,
While the Butler, should he yet exist,
Signs into his Facebook list.
The internet, it seems to me,
Has brought about equality.


From the local press


A flamenco dancer and she's four!
She'll go a long long way for sure!
Already she can twirl and swirl
Though she is such a little girl.
I can hear the dance shoes tapping;
I can hear the rhythmic clapping.
And the expression! Oh what poise!
She'll be a danger to the boys!


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