Friday, October 7, 2011


asks for a comment on Haunted Houses


Oh woe is me! I am deprived!
In all the years that I've survived
I've never once seen wraith or ghost
Nothing spooky of which to boast.
My antennae must be poor
Or I'm not what ghosts are looking for!
The supernatural has passed me by;
It hasn't even played I-spy!
In many a vast and 'haunted' house,
I've stood as quiet as a mouse,
Waiting for something to assail me;
But the Netherworld decides to fail me.
I've gazed intently at the stairs,
So that I'm not caught unawares;
Half hoping to see a spook descending,
Into the misty darkness blending;
Half-hoping to feel something colder......
An icy tap upon my shoulder;
Half-hoping to feel a clammy finger
Touch my cheek and decide to linger.
Half-hoping to hear the voice of doom
Echoing around the room.
But no! They're quite explicit.....
Ghosts don't want to pay me a visit.
When I'm a ghost myself no doubt
I'll find out what it's all about!


They tell me the view is fantastic,
Though it isn't my nature to boast,
But between my home-town and Sydney
Lies some truly spectacular coast.
They say you can see every feature
As the plane doesn't fly very high.
You can even see grounded folk waving
As the sea-plane goes bustling by.
And one day I'll take this short journey
And fly above, giving a wave,
But first I must pluck-up the courage!
I fear that I'm not very brave!


Ella said...

You are so clever; I love the lyrical tone of your rhythmic masterpiece!

Hazel said...

I enjoyed the rhythm so much. I like dabbling in the paranormal except I do not want to come face to face with anything unusual. A poem like this is enough paranormal fun for me.

Brother Ollie said...

unhaunted - really for the best

Kerry O'Connor said...

Oh I knew you would have an excellent response to the ghost theme, and I wasn't disappointed. The last two lines are brilliant in conclusion.

Judy Roney said...

You are fortunate with no ghosts to talk about. :) Your last lines are the reason I stay open minded or I try to be. Well stated!

Grandma's Goulash said...

I've always wondered what causes people to see ghosts. My mother claimed to have seen a few in my childhood home, but the only things I heard rustling were mice!