Friday, October 21, 2011

The Greening

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Would this blurb attract you to this story?

Jettison Polk

'Are you willing to enter my world?'
Lottie is a florist's assistant.
Being a faded spinster she revels in all things blossoming.
When Revel enters her small flowery world she is enchanted.
Not only does he know his Combubulis Atoratum from his Common Smich
But he is all she ever wanted from a man.
His green eyes bore into her soul.
Before long she is involved in a passionate affair
With a handsome stranger.
One day, as they are strolling through the Botanical Gardens,
He gazes deep into her eyes.
'Are you willing to enter my world?'
'Yes! Yes! Yes!' cries Lottie.
It is then that she finds herself transformed!
She becomes a Lesser Hogweed
Nestling at the feet of the 
Great Tree.
And what is the plaque on the trunk of that tree?
'Revelus transiforium or Utter Cad'
Read on to learn more of Lottie's propagation experiences!
And her eventual release!
Clarabelle Huntingly-McTavish (author of 'Botanical Sex'); 'What thrilling tale
of 'Green Passion' (the title of my next manual)'


Like a red rag to a bull is the suggestion
That Spain relinquish it's most famous sport!
But is it entertainment? That's the question.
And is it justified? There is the thought.
Most of us eat meat and that means killing,
We hope it's done humanely, that's for sure.
But there are some who find it really thrilling
To see the scarlet life-blood on the floor.
Look at the creature's eyes in my illustration;
There's panic and there's anguish in that gaze!
While the audience, agog with fascination,
Just showers the matador with fulsome praise!
The Romans were past-masters of the gory;
An Amphitheatre held a yelling throng.
They considered killing part of Roman glory
And no-one thought that anything was wrong.
But still, for all our bold civilization,
Animal Welfare groups are well-aware
That, unchecked, people have a cruel fixation,
To taunt two fighting-cocks or tease a bear.
That's why it pleases me that Spain has voted
(Well, sadly it is only just a part)
To have the sport of bull-fighting demoted
(Not everyone agrees but it's a start.)
There are other ways for men to prove virility!
There are other ways to call-forth the applause.
Let's show the animals civilized civility!
Let's support the Anti Bull-fight cause!


Kay L. Davies said...

The utter cad to transform her into a Lesser Hogweed. I'd certainly at least want to be a Greater Hogweed if not an actual Greatest Hogweed.
I have to wonder how she'll get out of this, so I have to buy the book!
And I don't like bullfights. I've never attended them, but I've passed bull rings in Mexico and the idea appeals as much as visiting the slaughterhouse. Ugh.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

You always have such fun and creative books in the making! I loved it all, but I don't understand how it will all exactly happen, so I will buy your book to learn more. I haven't even thought of a person being turned into a plant before.

Think of the things that could happen! A weedeater could get you, a dog could pee on you; the wind and rain would be awful and the sun perhaps worse. I suppose that all of those things happen to people too, but at least they can move away.

Very interesting about the bulls. I never could watch that event nor understand the appeal. The bull is angry or frightened and the people get gored sometimes. Too much for me.


Tammy said...

Almost sounds like the story of Narcissus and Daphne...LOL! You had me at the mingling of her Combubulis Atoratum and his Common Snitch. That's some steamy propagating you have going on there!

Sioux Roslawski said...

I agree with Tammy. That propagating must be taking place in the rain forest, because it IS steamy!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Brilliant, as usual. First I laughed, and then I applauded your use of language. Some words just SOUND a certain way, and you really nailed it. Tammy summed it up very nicely, too!

The bullfights. . .poor creatures. We humans have, for eons, been a bloodthirsty bunch. Maybe not all of us, but enough that "scarlet life-blood on the floor" has been entertainment for many for a long time. So sad.