Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not Today

         Yuki Valentine

a meme designed for American Insomniacs.


A Photographic Model doesn't have an easy time;
You couldn't call his life a bed of roses.
He has to be prepared to wear the strangest looking clothes
And to strike the very oddest sort of poses.
Last Friday I received a text; it came from the Agency;
It said 'We have a job for you today.
Come round to the office as quickly as you can,
And when we're done we'll then discuss your pay'
Well, I was at my beam ends; my money had run out;
I hadn't had a job for quite a while.
 I knew that I was handsome, with my glorious physique
And the manly quirky nature of my smile.
And I knew that I was destined to be Top Model soon,
And then I'd be in every magazine.
This, then, it was quite obvious, would be my One Big Chance;
At last my boyish good-looks would be seen!
But they dressed me in pyjamas  which were pink and purple-striped,
And, on top of that they made me climb a tree!
I had to wear a tail and some girl had to grab the end
And my buttocks were stuck out for all to see!
My One Big Chance is coming! I know that to be true.
I know that I will soon be on my way.
I know I'll be Top Model; after all I am the best.
But today was clearly not my lucky day!


Water! You're so very big and I am so very small.
Will you grow with me, I wonder, and be huge when I'm tall?
Will we be together, growing side by side,
One of us getting higher, one of us more wide?
'No' answered the Water 'You will grow it's true,
But I will shrink and shrink and shrink each day compared with you.
Now I seem an ocean, stretching way, way beyond,
But then you'll look at me and see nothing much more than a pond.'

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Lolamouse said...

Ha! I think I'd prefer to model in striped PJs than some of the skimpy outfits they put on models! Not so sure about the tail pulling, though!