Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hard- to- Get


gave us this book cover

Would you fork out good money for this book?

Fred Bloggs

Clarice has always played hard-to-get.
She is willowy, blonde, rich and vivacious.
She is also devious.
'Come and get me!' screams her body-language!
'Hands off!' whisper her teasing words.
Enjoy this comical saga.
Read how Clarice fights off her league of lovers.
Marvel how, each time, she becomes harder-to-get.
Perch with her on an island in the Danube.
Crouch with her in a cave in the Andes.
Enjoy her sojourn in Alcatraz.
Only Herbie Higmaster persists.
As she tries harder
Hotter becomes his ardour!
Finally, even he is stymied !
Can he scale the mountain-side and reach her in her Turkish hideaway?
You will fall out of your chair laughing at his escapade with
The Pantyhose.
This scene, alone, makes this book worth its $75!
Comment from Christabel Crumpington (author of  'Convenient Housing'); This book has completely demystified the building of cliff dwellings. Thank you.



SEEING IS.......

I don't believe in witches that ride the sky on brooms!
I don't believe in ghosts that rise from sepulchres and tombs!
And yet I swear I saw today the ghost of a witch ride by!
Tomorrow I fully expect to see a pig that's learned to fly!


Kay L. Davies said...

A blurb promising this book will make me fall out of my chair laughing is almost too good to resist. But $75 Australian is $78.38 Canadian.
Hmm. Oh, what the heck, I'd buy it, I admit.
Wonderful witch you found there, Brenda. Perfect for this time of year up here, although I don't know about Down Under.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Tammy said...

I giggled mightily about hot Herbie scaling mountainsides just to get hopelessly tangled in Clarice's pantyhose! And that second poem is just wonderful!

Lynn said...

Guess I'm a tight-wad, I don't think I'd pay $75 to fall out of my chair - I can do that well enough on my own! Nice blurb. And did you take the pic of the witch in the sky? Awesome picture.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

You are so funny! Right before you mentioned the pantyhose I was thinking a sexy Rapunzel, lol. Thanks for making my day.

Oh, I see the witch ... great catch!

Kathy M.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Great blurb, as always. Clarice seems quite that tart! LOL I'd love to read about her, and of course the Pantyhose scene is not to be missed.

I do see the witch! Nice touch just a few weeks before Halloween.