Friday, October 28, 2011

The Panes of Love

supplied the book cover

Will this blurb encourage you to read the book?

Crispin La Touche.

A love-story with a difference.
Piers is glass-maker to the Archbishop of Magitreaux.
Piers has taken an oath of purity.
He will never 'know' a woman.
But who is this, bringing the glass-makers a pitcher of water?
None other than Francine, the local heart-breaker.
Piers fights his instincts
But soon  he is in thrall to Francine,
She of the moist lips and wayward eyes.
Piers sends Francine a letter.
'Though you can never be mine,
Every splash of red in my cathedral window
Denotes my red-blooded longing for you'.
Read what happens when the Archbishop intercepts the letter!
Follow Francine's impressive efforts at freeing Piers from the Ecclesiastical Dungeon.
Learn how she seduces the Archbishop!
See how she escapes burning at the stake!
Will true love win through?
Or will they die in agony together?
The consummation is devoutly to be desired!
The Stained-Glass-Window Weekly (from the Letters Page); 'I noticed a pane of glass was cracked in my local church window. Is this a romantic message?'


I had loved her with a passion that could not be surpassed
But she was a highborn lady and I was of lower caste.
She never even glanced at me! Each day I shed a tear
For my love kept growing stronger year after year after year.
At first we were both children; I was her servant then.
If she dropped a little toy I would pick it up again.
And, sometimes, her fingers would brush my own, and I would feel a thrill;
I only stopped from declaring my love by an effort of great will.
Then we both grew into adults. And, oh, this was so hard!
Sometimes she passed close to me when I was sweeping the yard.
Her beautiful gowns dragged on the ground; their tracks like those of  snails!
I swept them, hardly daring to, those heavenly silver trails!
One night, in a dream, she came to me and 'What would you give?' she said,
'To be as close to my body as the hair upon my head?'
'Anything! Anything!' I cried out; 'No price is too much to pay!
Take my life! My soul! My heart! I give it all away!'
And here I am, a silver snake, like a knot above her heart.
I hear it beating constantly; I know we'll never part.
I lie here on her glorious tanned and perfect breast;
And I hear her say 'Of all my jewels, this is my very best.'


Tammy said...

What a masterpiece from the title on. I devoutly desire this consummation. I devoutly desire this book! And your Last poem is fantastic, too. What smokin' romances, both!

Sandra Davies said...

Not especially devout, but definitely desirous of reading this stained glass romp.

S K Ditta said...

An oath?

Maude Lynn said...

Marvelous book blurb!

Kay L. Davies said...

Would this blurb make me buy the book? Absolutely.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Brilliant, from the title on. Francine is quite the intelligent tart, and I want to read all about her exploits! Love the poem that follows, as well. You have such talent.

Grandma's Goulash said...

Perfect title. This one would be a fun and scandalous read.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Oh, my gosh ... your blurb and your poem are wonderful! I was laughing out loud at the book blurb; what a situation! I was going to guess that the glass maker would be fired, but the rest of it? Things sure are different these days.

Your poem at first had me thinking of The Princess Bride ... until the ending.

Fun way to begin my Sunday morning.

Kathy M.