Monday, October 17, 2011





Two enormous egos, battling for the top!
They'll try to gain ascendancy and keep on till they drop!
Actually, it's quite exhilarating, when the feathers fly!
They both enjoy a good old spat so it's certain they'll get by.
Both partners like a feeling of excitement in the air,
So an Aries and a Leo make a nearly perfect pair.
The chemistry is fabulous, their love-lives are the best;
They'll never tire of each other, ignoring all the rest.
For physical excitement is something they both crave.
Extreme sports of every nature prove them strong and bold and brave.
Both adore the limelight, but, happily, they can share,
And they compliment each other, a sure sign that they care.
Aries, who is stern, at times, shows a softer, gentler side,
With the romantic Leo as a warm and cuddly guide.
Both long for new experiences, attacking life head-on,
Building up great memories they can look back upon.
Should they marry and have children, they'll bring them up to be
Hikers, cyclists, swimmers, at home on land and sea.
But domestic life may pall a bit and lead to some regret!
Let's hope that when they're old they say
'It hasn't happened yet!'

(An Acrostic)

"Better let me navigate!
Aren't you going to accelerate?
Careful! You took that corner fast!
Keep to the left! He can't get past!
See! I told you the tyres were worn!
Easy does it! Not on the lawn!
Actually you should use second gear!
Turn here! Turn here! Turn here! Turn here!
Double-parking is a crime!
Remember you did it that other time!
It's getting late! Mind! Mind! Mind! Mind!
Vehicles coming up behind!
Empty parking over there!..........
Rudeness wont get you anywhere!"

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Kim, USA said...

Beautiful poem for Aries and Leo. I like it the backseat driver make me smile ^_^

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