Saturday, October 15, 2011




Most feminine of feminine,
Most girlie of all girls,
She with the teeny-tiny waist
And shoulder-bobbing curls!
She of the pouty bosom,
And legs of perfect shape;
Sometimes even she, it seems,
Plans the big escape!
Barbie playing soccer!
With little wooden feet!
Even in the rough-and-tumble,
She manages to look sweet!


Cruise-ship glitz!
Gaudy bits.
Craning my neck
From an upper deck.
Colour, lights,
Frivolous sights.
Later on,
Colour's gone.
Now the scene
Looks serene.
A monochrome view
Seems to embue
A noisesome place
With style and grace!

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Kay L. Davies said...

I simply had to send my brothers a link to this post. Barbie-ball is just too, too funny.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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