Friday, October 7, 2011




Garish! That's what I call them!
Those other peacock males!
With all those flashy colours
Dotted about their tails.
With all those golden 'eyes' and things,
And all that 'peacock blue'.
And all those other clashing bits
Of every single hue!
They strut about before the hens
Preening and looking stupid.
Do they imagine vulgarity
Can do the work of Cupid?
Me? I just stand majestically
Underneath a tree,
Letting the female talent
Beat a path to me.
See the white 'moths' that flutter
Upon my feather-ends!
They make any little hen
Want to be more than friends!
Just wait a while till later on
When we welcome the bambinos!
You'll discover that most of them
Are just like me.....albinos!



Pity the poor 'teen', he's haunted by imperfection!
He wants to be an idol, but he doesn't bear inspection.
Just when he should be godlike he enters that awful phase,
When pimples seem to haunt him, ruining all his days!
See him grimace as he shaves that vaguely whiskered chin
Trying to avoid the worst excesses of his skin!
His voice can't make its mind up; should it boom or should it squeak.
If he's planning to be manly, the voice just comes out weak!
His two left feet just let him down; see him stumble on the mat!
Is it any wonder he moves on to kick the cat!
He falls in love ten times a day, with girls who simply sneer;
He's destined to be an outcast! That fact is very clear.
But he is just a caterpillar entering his cocoon!
A handsome heart-throb will emerge one day, very soon.
I was in a concert at the Town Hall last evening. It wasn't my favourite sort of venue as I'm happiest when I'm on the same level as the audience and can see faces, but it went down reasonably well. However, I did feel rather out of place as it was a celebration of multi-culturalism, with most performers in colourful costumes, and I felt I was something of a jarring note. There was an excellent guitarist, a choir which sang in many different languages and a group of elegant (if large) belly-dancers.
 As well as the groups below.

The members of the Pipe Band played along with a didgeridoo player.

This was a beautifully costumed group I spied through the door as I was waiting to go on.

And here is the large Ukulele ensemble having a great strumming time, singing a Maori song.


Unknown said...

Excellent writes, love that peacock pic!

Kay L. Davies said...

You're right about the white peacock. It's stunning!
Looks like there was quite a motley crew performing at the Town Hall, Brenda. You probably did an excellent impression of a Dignified Lady. I'm sure no one thought you ought to be in costume.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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