Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Waterfall

                                        Queensland after floods.



Passing among the lofty gums,
Growing profuse and tall,
After the recent deluge
We spied a waterfall.




Off for a walk in the country
On a lovely Summer's day.
Enjoying a Second Childhood!
Boys and girls come out to play.
Outings like these are delicious;
Striding without a care,
Chattering as we're walking;
Breathing the great fresh air.
This is the Hunter Valley
And a visit never fails
To make me really grateful
That I live in New South Wales.
This is proving to be a very busy week and I'm wondering if my voice will hold out till the Concert on Friday. Yesterday, at choir, there were only three altos so we had to sing our hearts out and today I was asked to read my poems for much longer than usual, on top of a large meal too.
I was invited to entertain the Redhead VIEW Club on the occasion of their 48th anniversary.

It was an excellent audience, as they laughed in all the right places!

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Kay L. Davies said...

Bravo, Brenda. You're busier than I am.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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