Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Return


We are asked to record the above illustration using our five senses.


I hear the creak of the timbers,
Weathered by each passing day.
I smell the scents of the farmyard
Mixed with that of the new-mown hay.
I touch the old door with my fingers
And it opens as of old.
I taste the memory of apple pies
Hot from the stove, or cold.
I see the house I was born in,
With eyes that are growing dim,
And I only wish I could hear that voice 
Calling 'Come for your supper, Jim!'


Three days! And we hadn't spoken!
Just how long would it take?
It was all his fault! That was certain.
But which of us would break?
How I hated his negative attitude!
He was mean and he was callow!
He'd said I was all surface show!
He'd accused me of being shallow!
We'd shouted insults loud and long!
We obviously loathed each other!
I told him he was a selfish boor;
He said 'You're like your mother!'
But we ran out of insults, by-and-by,
And the Silent Treatment began.
Three days! And we hadn't spoken!
God! What an irritating man!
He was duty-bound to speak first!
After all, he was to blame!
But, if he didn't speak, I wouldn't!
Two can play at that little game!
Then I caught his eye and looked away;
Was that the ghost of a grin?
I looked back just to make certain.
I mustn't let him win!
But I couldn't stop my lips twitching
And, before, I knew it,
I'd burst out laughing and, heaven knows,
I hadn't planned to do it!
We ended up in each other's arms!
Silent Treatment was for the birds!
But, oddly enough, we discovered
We still didn't need any words!


Sharon said...

Love your centus!

Koby said...

That was beautiful... I could "feel" it all.

Bookie said...

Superb use of this Saturday Centus!!!

noexcuses said...

Great weaving in both of your works. I loved the second story. It happens to me and mine frequently.

Viki said...

Loved you Saturday Centus. It was so very descriptive, it just brought me to that house.

Also liked your Silent Treatment poem. So true, the games people play lol.

Unknown said...

These are both great. I can see the image from your words on the first and seriously feel the 2nd, KUDOS!

Susan Anderson said...

Enjoyed this nostalgic poem.


21 Wits said...

Hurry Jim , we won't keep dinner forever! Great poem of such sensory feel too...nicely done!

Daydreamertoo said...

Loved your centus too :)
Silent treatment hurts doesn't it!

Ames said...

Stopping by from Jenny's off on my tangent. I love this. You just transported me there.~Ames

Judie said...

You are just plain GOOD! You nailed the Centus, and both pieces are wonderfully written! Brava!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

great, great centus. I don't even like apple pie, but I sure wanted a piece after reading about it. good job.

Jenny said...

Oh wow. I was there. This was beautiful. Really, really poignantly written!