Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pink Plus


Not a 'cat among the pigeons' but a cat among the flowers,
Gazing at the petals in the sun.
She looks with cat-intensity at every nodding bloom,
And I've the feeling she'll soon have some fun.
She isn't a flower-lover, of that you may be sure;
And I don't think she's artistically inclined;
She's a realist, like I am, and so I think I know,
Exactly what is in her feline mind.
She's just about to pounce! Oh yes! The flower in the breeze
Will give its pink head one last dainty shake.
Goaded beyond endurance Miss Pussy Cat will strike
And the pretty gleaming vase will fall and break!
The crash will send her yowling and scuttling down the hall
As the water soaks into the precious mats
And the Master of the House will leap out of his reverie
Shouting out very loudly 'Drat all cats!'
You think you see a picture of a calm and placid life,
Of a little pussy cat with gentle paws.
You keep your illusions if that's what you want to do!
My view of things is certainly not yours!



Little Boy Blue, come, give us a smile!
Wherever you are, smiles are always in style.
You were born smiling, I'm certain of that,
And people smile back.... that's a great tit-for-tat!
Your grin and your dimple are truly beguiling!
Whatever you do, Max, never stop smiling!

Yesterday we had our Melodrama rehearsal at Roslyn's house. Ros broke her pelvis a few weeks ago, and she hasn't been able to get up the stairs in our normal rehearsal venue, so we took the rehearsal to her. We concentrated on the Fashion Show which will be part of one play. Here are the 'models'. ( Pam Morrison stood in for you, Joy Hughes, so you'll be able to see where your spot is. We missed you and I hope you're better now.) The ladies were not wearing their posh clothes.

I took this extra photo of Betty and Loretta because I thought they, accidentally, looked like twins in their outfits.



LV said...

Sounds like you have a fun thing going.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

LOVE the cat picture and rhyme ... and isn't that an adorable fella !
Looks like all the ladies are having fun.

Patti said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Pink Saturday.

What an adorable little grandson you have! I'm sure he fills your life with lots of love and laughter.

You write some lovely poetry.

Blessings to you,