Monday, October 24, 2011

Nothing Serious.

supplied the illustration


It was such a small accident.
Just a little altercation with the kerb.
I bumped my head, but only slightly.
I touch the spot with my tissue;
Only a speck of blood.
I sit quite still for a few moments.
Now I'm fine to drive home.
Except that......
The world has gone mad.
The up is down and the down is up!
Buildings are falling-in on me!
Everything is reflecting 
Off everything else!
Duplication, duplication 
The colour has drained away.
Odd creatures cross the street.
What are they?
My head is beginning to throb.
The pain!
I think I remember how to drive....
I must get home quickly.
Where is home?
When I get there
Little I'll lie have bed on a down the I think..............


Why should I stand as a mirror,
Reflecting the likes of you?
I was meant to be predominant
The smartest thing in view!
Yet I can see you revelling
At the way the passers-by
Remark on your silly reflection,
Etched on the bright blue sky.
It isn't as though you're elegant,
And you're even rather old!
While I'm all sleek modernity,
All shimmering and bold!
Representing noble symmetry,
I give everyone the proof
That there shouldn't be bits and pieces
Cluttering-up a roof!
Look at you! So untidy!
Your windows all over the place!
You think you enhance the city!
I think you're a disgrace!
But what really makes me angry,
As angry as can be,
Is that I am the most important!
You should be reflecting me!

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