Sunday, October 2, 2011

Turkish Delight

supplied the first line


A guy in the mood for a bite,
Felt he fancied some Turkish Delight.
But the harem appalled him
As all the girls mauled him,
And the Sultan  just laughed at his plight!


What would the world be like, I wonder,
If 'Belief' had just never been.
If no one had ever dreamed-up 'the gods',
Imagining the unseen.
If early man had accepted that life
Was what he could touch and see;
That the sky was empty, except for stars,
And a tree was just a tree?
Why did he need to imagine
A 'Being' in control,
Why did he complicate this life
With 'Eternity' and 'Soul'?
The world we have is a marvel,
Its beauty such perfection;
Surely there was no need to yearn
In quite another direction!
But what would the world be like, I wonder,
Had 'Heaven' never 'appeared',
If humans had never created
A Being to be feared?
Would we be so very different?
Would wars still rage unrestrained?
Would the glorious green of our planet
Still be ravaged and blood-stained?
Or would mankind have prospered
Accepting the here and now,
Not stopping every so often
To genuflect or bow?
An age of simple acceptance
Can never now be retrieved.
But I yearn for a world untrammelled,
Before mankind 'believed'.