Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Car is a Car

gives us this prompt


Some people (and my husband's one)
View cars with a knowing eye.
They note the make, the style, the age,
As they go whizzing by.
They suddenly stop in a car-parked street
To note some different feature,
And point out salient details
In the manner of a teacher.
They reminisce about long-lost cars
In a misty emotional way.
They even recall the purchase
And how much they had to pay!
They keep a dossier.... 'Cars I've known'!
Cars punctuate their lives;
They have become their beacons,
Out-shining, maybe, their wives!
But some people (and I'm one of them)
See cars as 'things on wheels',
Sardine cans that travel,
And certainly no big deals.
Above see my view of a car....
Featureless and moving past,
With a person somewhere inside it,
Going slow or going fast.
I drive one, that I must admit,
But I have no feeling for it,
And I certainly don't get drooly
About the one that went before it!
It starts at A and goes to B;
It certainly is no star.
A car is a car is a car is a car
Is a car is a car is a car.



The rain came pelting down last year,
Allaying all our fears.
The water in Queensland's dams, they say,
Will last for twenty years!
But before that came ten years of drought;
The grass grew sparse and brown,
And little 'Japanese' gardens
Sprouted all over town.
At first I found them 'clinical',
For lush green lawns I was craving;
They seemed to say, too blatantly,
'Look! We're water-saving!'
But I have grown to like them;
They look so calm and neat.
And the shadows cast by rocks and plants
Make the picture quite complete.
We're making a 'Japanese' garden
In our little courtyard space.
Even with rain pouring down
They ameliorate the place.

1 comment:

Margaret Gosden said...

I like the Japanese garden-look, too! But, then, that
reflects my liking for most Japanese art that is spare...
reflective. Well said!