Friday, October 21, 2011

White on the Green


I was on a shopping mission
When I espied this exhibition;
On the 'village green' in snowy white
A novel and refreshing sight.
Tae Kwon Do looks quite appealing;
Battles without a warlike feeling.
Self-defence is very sensible,
Though violence is reprehensible.



A little bit of nostalgia to while away some time;
A little bit of nostalgia to commemorate in rhyme.
We went to the local Steamfest to see some ancient trains;
They don't run anywhere these days but the interest remains.
The people piled up on the bridge and 'Here she comes!' they cried.
And when she'd gone right under, they rushed to the other side.
There was a jazz band and refreshments and lots of artifacts;
I enjoyed the jolly music from the trumpet and the sax.
The players all wore 'boaters'; part of the 'history' theme.
It was a very pleasant way to celebrate old steam!

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