Thursday, October 27, 2011


chose the topic...Thrill


A thrill has an element of danger.
A thrill has an element of strife.
It's something outside the ordinary realm
Of the everyday ho-hum life.
It is something which passes in a moment,
Unlike joy or pleasure;
It is something which positively shouts 'Excess!'
Because it is hard to measure.
Like a flash of lightning running through one,
Or a  stab of overwhelming terror,
It involves every fibre of ones body
And it screams 'No room for error!'
Base jumpers feel it as they're standing
On the edge of a towering cliff,
As they edge towards their take-off
And their minds whisper 'What if?'
Young girls feel it on blind dates,
That mixture of excitement and dread.;
Young men feel it in their vehicles
When the highway stretches ahead. 
Death is always lurking when life's thrilling,
One's involved in something that can kill.
Me, I like my pleasures less exciting;
Give me ho-hum rather than thrill.



When I left the factory, painted a bright yellow,
I thought myself to be quite plain, a very boring fellow.
I saw vans and trucks on High Street, with emblems on their sides,
Taking burly working-men for very important rides.
There were plumbers, gardeners, tilers too, and even a few vets,
Whose vehicles were painted with such dinky little pets.
The colours were so vivid, the emblems were so bright,
That my plain yellow body seemed to look an awful sight.
How I yearned for decoration, just a little, on the side!
I pulled-in here, beneath the trees and hung my head and cried.
And, all at once, I saw them, the patterns etched in black
Along my bonnet and my side, reaching almost to the back!
Look! There's a little horse painted on my side!
He looks very lively! Almost good enough to ride!
Just for one brief moment, I felt I'd made the grade,
With shapes (I'm sure I see a horse) so charmingly displayed.
But he'll return and turn the key. My illusion will be destroyed.
If he parks here tomorrow, I'll be overjoyed.


Mrsupole said...

Your poem so describes thrill in such a way that one feels the thrill of doing those things but it also reminds one that we take so many chances to get a thrill. I too think I prefer ho-hum most of the time. Really great poem.

I like the Stenciled poem too. I actually like the yellow paint on the car and you brought to life how shadows can change things.

Thanks for joining in on Theme Thursday.

God bless.

Kris McCracken said...

I think that I'm too old for a thrill.

Tom said...

anymore, cheap thrills are all I can handle, or afford.

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, wonderful poem! You've captured the theme perfectly in your words. It certainly is a measurement of our old age when we are content to be hum-drum. ha. I'm with you!

The Silver Fox said...

Terrific! I'm with the other "old folk," here. I prefer to get my thrills in different ways nowadays.