Monday, October 31, 2011

At Odds With the Day

asks for dark thoughts


Oh fiend! You nestle in my brain,
With thoughts of uselessness and pain;
With scenes of sadness and distress
And every foul unhappiness.
No, not because it's Halloween
And ghosts and ghouls are on the scene,
But because my silly human mind,
Likes to leave pleasant things behind
And concentrate on all things foul;
The curt remark, the telling scowl,
The what has been, the what might be,
The dreadful possibility,
The illness that may yet appear,
The shock, the ugliness the fear.
The items on the morning news,
Men that murder, rape, abuse.
Wars and pestilence and death;
How I'll take my final breath.........
The morning sun is in the sky
I should feel lively, bright and spry.
By now I think you may have guessed
That I have woken up depressed!



Are you feeling sad and lonely?
Is your lover far away?
Do you need a little comfort
At the ending of the day?
Dress up in your yellow nightdress!
Rush off to your cosy bed!
Men! Why, ladies! Do without them!
Try this alternative instead!
Grab your handy little pillow
With it's almost manly form!
Feel encircled by its comfort;
Sleep night-through secure and warm.
Dream erotic dreams of romance,
Wake, fulfilled, with starry eyes.
Find a 'stuffed shirt' there beside you!
It doesn't pay to fantasise!

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