Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Red Dress



If you are  going to do it, do it well!
If others scoff and titter what the hell!
Though your hair is surely greying,
If your hips are keen on swaying
And a nifty band is playing
You'll feel swell.

If you have still got rhythm let it rip,
While there's still a handsome gentleman to grip.
You can pick a four-leafed clover,
You can dance the Bossa Nova,
And feel pretty good all over!
What a trip!


She said 'Are you a Wolf?'
And, at once, it seemed to me,
That a Wolf was just the very thing
She wanted me to be!
I'm really quite a placid chap,
Not a great hit with the dames,
But that very simple phrase of hers
Made me want to play her games!
She was dressed in red, her hair was blonde,
And she showed a lot of skin!
'I'll be your Little Red Riding Hood'
She said with a wicked grin.
She knew of a cosy little spot;
Well, of course, she would.
It was at the far end of the park;
She described it as her 'wood'!
We stopped playing fairy stories
Quite soon, would you believe!
We reverted to the Bible,
Ending up as Adam and Eve!

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