Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Red Road

Alton Castle, Staffordshire



If this looks like Fairyland......
I really think it was.
And it was a special Fairyland
For one young girl because
This was the view from my bedroom
When I awoke each day;
Rather like the  setting 
For some romantic play.
The Red Road ran by the Castle,
All overhung with trees,
A sort of secret passageway
To girlish fantasies.
I often walked that Road alone
Thinking foolish thoughts,
While other girls did healthy things
On municipal tennis-courts!
And never once did I think to ask
Why the Road was christened 'Red';
Much more romantic thoughts than that
Were circling in my head!
I saw an advertisement* today
Which caused my dream's destruction;
'New houses on the Red Road
At present under construction'!
They may be desirable residences
Built to top specifications,
And I'm sure Town Planners are noble men
With some excellent motivations.
But I feel sad to think it's gone,
The Red Road I once knew.
Oh well, that's progress, I suppose,
And there's nothing I can do.
* I Googled the Red Road and building adverts came up!


'I hear Maude's committed bigamy!' Lindy-Lou declared.
Her friend, Pam, just dropped her jaw, looked at her and stared.
'Not Maude' she said, 'She's so demure, respectable and shy!
Rather than commit bigamy our Maude would surely die!'
'Well' Lindy-Lou said 'When I phoned to see how she was faring
She said she'd married an honest man, upright, straight and caring.
Then she said she'd married a lawyer! Well, it clearly can't be true
That a lawyer can be honest!
She must have married two!'
We had our Club's Friendship Day yesterday. This is a yearly occasion. After a brief meeting we had a quiz (I felt hard done by as the questions were about plants and cars, neither of which  are my area of expertise!) and then we repeated some action songs taught to us by Sue on the recent trip. Yes, I know it's Second Childhood,  but isn't it great!

Here is Pam demonstrating 'My Bonny' as the cook prepares the barbecue lunch in the background.

Jill wanted a photo of the two Vice Presidents, Hilary and me, to put in the Club Album.


Ralph said...

The castle in the wilds seems a figment of our minds. We see the stone edifice jump at us right out of the ground, and Rapunzel or another Grimm styled character is awaiting the visitor. These days, this castle could be a casino or resort. The fairy tale past is gone, but this beauty is like the fairy tale of our youth. I like castles, but few remain in the olde world. A fine view of a changing world...

Lola said...

Can only endorse Ralph's wise words above. Great post.

Happy Ruby Tuesday,

btw Here’s mine!