Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reddily Available


What an intriguing piece of work!
Was the artist 'seeing red'?
Bodies, expressions, googly eyes,
And every type of head.
The patches of black between the reds
Add menace the scene;
The whole thing would have seemed benign
If they'd been painted green.
Then we'd have seen a fairy tale
With hobgoblins and elves,
Sporting in some leafy glade
And enjoying themselves.
But, because the background's deepest black,
This seems a scene from Hell,
With souls in torment thrashing about
And not getting-on too well.
Some of them look quite cheerful,
Despite the mess they're in.
Ah well, I know there are some folk
Who like a little sin.
All in all a painting
That's filled with mystery.
I'm intrigued. I'd like to ask
'What is your history?'


The women of the Tiwi tribe are often married at birth!
Coffee is the second most traded product on earth!
Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, wasn’t an Irishman!
In 1911 the Chinese brought in a pigtail ban!
By clinking glasses drinkers thought they kept the devil at bay!
In 1647 England abolished Christmas Day!
At six months famous Tom Thumb actually stopped growing!
Athletes in ancient Rome performed with every bit of them showing!
In Las Vegas casinos you wont find any clocks!
People in Siberia buy milk in frozen blocks!
That’s the lesson for today folks. The world is fascinating!
I always feel delighted when my verse is educating!


Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, and to get all your educational bits to rhyme is quite a feat, too. You'll probably make it into the history books yourself:
Brenda Bryant always rhymed
Anything that she could find.

And I don't think I'd like that painting even if it were serenely green. The stained glass exclamation marks are wonderful, however.


Kim, USA said...

Your words makes me smile and the exclamation point is awesome!

Ruby Tuesday