Saturday, October 15, 2011



'The World versus Wall Street'
A real call to arms!
Let's hope it's a call
That improves, not alarms.
The Power of the People 
Sounds heady and grand;
The cry that inspires us?
'United we stand!'
But think back to Russia,
In the days of the Tsar,
When a well-meaning rabble
In time went too far;
When the cry 'Retribution!'
Was sounding a knell,
And the dream became, soon,
Just a Communist hell!
Let's hope all these 'Springs'
Bloom into sweet summer
And not into chaos
Or something much dumber.


Grey on grey, shadow on shade.
A strange unreality it made!
Turning a day which was sunny bright
Into a monochrome, dark and light.
The window behind me was filled with blue,
Yet, from this photograph, not a clue!
On the stair a shadow of me,
Looming like a monstrosity!

1 comment:

Margaret Gosden said...

re Versus - the phoenix comes to mind, and I've done that, too! It is all part of the earth's creative process
and those that deserve to be remembered are remembered appropriately, in time.