Thursday, October 20, 2011

All In The Mind

"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”
― Stephen King


On the surface I appear
Very normal (or very near.)
I never could hurt anyone;
It isn't my idea of fun.
I don't like films with blood and gore;
And spooky things I find a bore.
Details of crimes, I can't abide;
I'm not attracted to homicide.
Torture is beyond belief,
Involving all that pain and grief.
When injections are on T.V.
I hide my eyes so I can't see!
And yet... and I lie in bed
The most ghastly thoughts come into my head!
Somehow, in the light of day,
Such thoughts never come my way.
I don't have nightmares, I sleep with ease,
Even if I've been eating cheese!
But in that dozing, twilight time
Thoughts come to me of war and crime,
Of inflicting pain  (yes, little me!)
Or suffering pain eternally.
Ugly faces seem to float ,
Creatures grab me by the throat!
It doesn't last long, that dread parade
Of horrors that are quite home-made.
I give myself a talking-to
And marvel at what the mind can do.
I close my eyes and go to sleep
And the sleep is dreamless, calm and deep.
So I agree with Stephen King
(I haven't read him.......not a thing).......
Nasty nasties of all kinds
Live in our boring normal minds!
The trick is to never let them win;
Keep them safely tucked within.
Unless, like him, we write them down!
That's how to be the Toast of the Town!



Emma and Annie Wilson...... as alike as two little peas.
People would say 'Which one is which? Can you tell us please?'
When they were born the midwife said 'It's utterly uncanny!
There isn't the slightest difference between little Emma and Annie!'
Both with dimples and red hair, both with bouncing curls;
People would often marvel at the two identical girls.
At school they had a lot of fun, playing silly games;
Getting the other girls to guess which were their right names!
They grew into very gorgeous girls, tall and slim and charming,
With a lovely way about them, which people found disarming.
Frederick Mason certainly found the two of them entrancing;
He met them at a local ball where everyone watched them dancing.
Indeed, they were so graceful, so lissom and so sweet
That Frederick Mason found that he was swept right off his feet!
But which twin should he aim for, when both were so divine?
'Which twin' thought Frederick Mason, 'Is the one I shall make mine?'
As luck would have it he'd noticed a small mole behind Emma's ear!
'I'll make a play for Emma and make my intentions clear.'
Now Emma and Annie were so alike that their affections were the same;
Both had fallen for Frederick and longed to make a claim.
Annie was heartbroken when Frederick favoured Emma;
In fact I'd have to say she was on the horns of a dilemma.
One night, in their double bed, planning the wedding day
Emma and Annie lay side by side, in their normal friendly way.
When, suddenly, Annie could take no more! It hadn't been contemplated!
But she suddenly grabbed a pillow and poor Emma was suffocated!
When Annie looked at her lifeless twin her heart broke right in two!
'Emma! Emma!' she wept and wailed; 'I can't live without you!
You've been my other half so long I can't go on alone!'
And she began to tear her hair, and scream and cry and moan.
The window was propped open. With one last hopeless shout,
Annie staggered to the window and then threw herself out!
When the servants came in the morning, this is what they found.....
Emma lifeless in her bed; Annie lifeless on the ground.
The funeral of the lovely twins was the talk of all the town.
As for Frederick Mason....he married Sarah Brown!


Mary Ann Potter said...

Two submissions, both creative. I am impressed! I like your style - good use of parody and irony!

Kerry O'Connor said...

You have the most amazing ability to write such profound pieces, which really dig beneath the surface of what it is to be human, and humane, without ever missing a single beat, or precise rhyme. Always a pleasure to read your work. Thanks for participating in the challenge on Real Toads.

Susie Clevenger said...

I am in awe...such great writings...perhaps I should hide my meager Seriously, a great job!!