Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Throw of the Dice

supplied the illustration


The power of Chance! One of its tricks!!
One, two, three, four, five and six!
Just the result of a simple throw;
The thrower wasn't in the know.
He wasn't God; he didn't ordain
That dice, in the air and landing again,
Should present this orderly design,
With all the numbers neatly in line.
He threw! They landed! That was all.
He wasn't making some mystic call.
And so it is with the Universe;
It is as it is, for better or worse.
Why dream of a Brain, akin to ours,
Having such omnipresent powers,
When Chance is in the driver's seat
Achieving this, seemingly, orderly feat?
We're all the result of a random throw.
Sorry! Just thought you'd like to know.



Standing on the platform I idly glanced and saw
Proof of our mingled heritage not noticed much before.
Place-names in Australia are varied as you see.
Very often 'British' to a very odd degree.
That's because our ancestors came to this rugged land
And gave the places 'English' names that they could understand.
But here and there a name is seen that echoes from the past.
Names like 'Bullaburra' were surely made to last.
And sometimes there's a mingling; there's 'Emu Plains' up there!
Australian or English? We don't really care.


Kay L. Davies said...

Canada has similarly varied place-name origins. Many English and Scottish, many representing English spellings of native Canadian names. My family lives near Semiahmoo Bay, which isn't far from the Fraser River, or New Westminster, while the Nicomekl River isn't far from the Serpentine River, and so on.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Bubba said...

No, no, no! I'm much too important to have occurred by accident! It's divine intervention, I tell you! (LOL!)

Do you know how Canada got its name?

The earliest European settlers chose the name originating from a First Nations word kanata that meant "settlement", "village", or "land".

But they were unsure how to spell it, so they discussed the idea...

How about "C", eh? Then "N", eh? Then "D", eh?

(A Canadian told me that one, eh?)

Kathe W. said...

loved your take on the dice!