Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ebb and Flow

and the word is 'EBB'.


The tides of life must ebb and flow;
In they come, then out they go.
One day we are full of cheer; 
The next day we feel more austere.
Happiness may sometimes surge;
Sometimes sadness sings a dirge.
But as the rhythm of the sea
Repeats with regularity,
So do our moods swing back and forth,
Sometimes South and sometimes North.
The secret is to stand aside
And view the ever-changing tide
As something passing, either way;
Good or bad will never stay.
When in luck don't stand and crow
On the highest hill for all to know.
When down don't wallow in despair
Moaning that life just isn't fair.
Remember that our lives are strange,
Always influenced by change.
Today you may feel pain and sorrow,
But you will jump for joy tomorrow.
If you are ebbing, at least you know
Tomorrow you'll leap into the flow.


(A Cinquain)

Destination, homecoming.
Welcoming, calming, mellow.
Someone to meet me.

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Kay L. Davies said...

Love your cinquain, because I love trains and stations, and I agree with you about moods and tides, ebbing and flowing.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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