Monday, August 1, 2011

Without Love

asks us to consider living without love.


I have trouble with 'love';
I think I'm often without it.
In fact I'm so unsure of it,
I rarely write about it.
The lady in the shot above
'Loves' her little bird to bits;
She tells him that she loves him,
For it's a word that fits.
I 'love' writing my Blog too;
Yes, there's that word again!
'Love' is a word that, too easily,
Slips into the human brain.
I don't think I'm unfeeling;
I'm certainly not cold,
But I've grown more  suspicious of 'loving'
As I've grown increasingly old.
Affection? Ah, that's something
I feel with frequency;
It's something warm and ordinary
That resonates with me.
'Love' is a different matter;
It's wild, intense, profound;
It's something too exalted
And my feet are on the ground.
'Affection's' not overwhelming;
It fits in to the everyday.
Yes, I think I'm living without 'love',
And I much prefer it that way.



Rain-washed clouds and well-scrubbed sky.
The wet weather has departed.
Clouds now look feathery floating by
Now brighter weather's started.
But still there lurks a certain threat
A tinge of grey to remind us
That it may not be all over yet.
More black clouds may find us.
But palm trees pirouette and preen
In the chilly Winter weather,
Enjoying a climate that's pristine,
Now it's got its act together!


Center Shocker said...

hmmm nice write

Anonymous said...

no... see love just isn't about people, its nature, and beautiful buildings and our favorite books and food. love is everywhere. you just need to know where to look.

Kay said...

I like your poem very much. Thank you!

Marbles in My Pocket said...

I've gone completely the opposite direction. When I was young, I scoffed at the word love--the existence of it, even--and as I grow older, I embrace it, and revel in it. Now, it is the very meaning of life, to me.
Wonderful writing! I LOVE it! (smiley face here)

Anonymous said...

I think what you said makes perfect sense in "Without Love".

Jess PJ said...

What a great write on how people take 'love' for granted and as casual word.

Pristine was a fun read.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...


well fine tuned lines, thanks for sharing.

Margaret Morrissey OBE FRSA said...

Anyone have a Patience Strong poem I think is call The wedding or could be Mother of the Bride it start "It was such a lovely wedding" and end "shed a tear the Mother of the bride" love to find it again