Friday, August 5, 2011

This Little Piggy

asks us for our views on Markets


Oh the joy of the Market on a pleasant sunny day,
When all the produce gleams and glimmers out there on display!
The fresh, ripe fruit, the home-made jams, the cabbages and leeks,
The down-to-earth and local stuff that everybody seeks.

But oh the woe of the Market when the graph begins to dip,
When all our precious savings are now giving us the slip!
When penury and ruin lie ahead without a doubt,
And a  great big pit's ahead of us and how will we get out?
Maybe if we spurned the second and went back to the first,
Relying on the local, we would escape the worst.
Maybe we've got above ourselves, buying more than we can need,
Maybe in the future we can turn our backs on greed.
And this little pig went 'Wee wee wee!' all the way home.


The carousel, the baggage, the labels, the ennui,
The waiting at the airport..... where else could this scene be?
Then I saw the people, waiting to depart
And I was really taken with this quirky work of art.
The travelers are baggage, just objects, nothing more,
Strewn around at the airport, on the seats and on the floor!
How long have they been waiting, and what might their 'contents' be?
Are they trapped for ever in some still eternity?
It's certain that I'll never know, but I lingered for a while,
Then I turned upon my heel and left, with a rueful little smile.

1 comment:

Ella said...

Powerful and so true! I loved how you through the reality market into the mix. Lots of seeds of doubt in that crop!