Wednesday, August 10, 2011



(the art of counting on your fingers)

The human body has its uses,
Though we often make excuses
Regarding every working part
That's not exactly a work of art!
Take your fingers....ten (with thumbs)
Unlike the teeth, set in your gums,
Which must invariably vary
In number, being quite contrary.
Ten fingers! Goodness! No more, no less!
Now we don't have to make a guess
When working out a tricky sum!
No reason to be looking glum.
Nature has supplied the tools
Which stop us looking arrant fools.
Dactylonomists, one and all.
Nature's supplied the wherewithal!
Now you can count right up to ten;
For twenty do the same again.
And should you find greater stumbling-blocks....
Easy-peasy, take off your socks!



If life were a fairy-story I would enter here.
I, too, would distort.
I would wave, bend, lean, drift.... and feel ghastly!



We built ourselves a two-edged sword;
We gave it hearty votes.
But we find that sword
Is very flawed;
It may even cut our throats!

We called it The Social Network;
Designed to be uniting,
For if we could chat
Of this and that
We wouldn't waste time fighting.

But now it's used for linking
The members of the mob,
Who come to town
To burn it down,
And terrorise and rob.

The Copycats are Tweeting
And sharing their ideas.
Though their time has gone,
We've not moved on
From the era of clubs and spears.
Cameron Returns to U.K. for Emergency Meeting on Rioting
London's Burning

"Recreational rioters" were using social media sites to organise the attacks.I saw this first hand for myself, one of these people, we were standing next to a burning vehicle, and he had his Blackberry on and I leant over and I had a look and I said 'What's that?' and he said 'That's the list, that's the list that are going to be hit'. And he said 'You can tick a couple of those off already'.And sure enough there was a list of suburbs and places within those suburbs that he said was the list that had been going around, doing the rounds of the social media.


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

This is really London's burning. Used to sing it when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

Great two Rinkly Rimes, and yes, how stranges what happens in London/England these days!!!