Monday, August 29, 2011

Having it All



Remember the dream of having it all?
'Equality', as I recall,
Meant being feminine in looks and manner
But still being able to wield a spanner!
This magazine cover from way back then,
Shows women being the equals of men.
Domination, we thought, was ending,
(Though I find this scene rather condescending.)
But modern wives, it seems to me,
Can't really enjoy equality,
Because they're run right off their feet.
No time to look delicate and sweet.
True, many men help in the house;
No-one ever says 'Are you man or mouse?'.
But though 'I help' may be their boast
It's still the woman who does the most.
Women of older generations
Had to cope with their own frustrations...
Tied to the kitchen and not allowed
To have careers to make them proud.
But today's young women, workers plus wives,
Lead such stressful and hurried lives,
Paying the mortgage and cooking meals!
I can imagine how it feels!
It seems 'our' advances have been small.
Will women ever 'have it all'?



Is it my mind or is this rude!
(Sometimes childish thoughts intrude!)
In any case, this little hen
Has strayed into the ways of men.
The 'yellow line' when it is straddled
Looks like egg-yolk that's been addled!
She struck a pose, the camera clicked
And now she finds that she's been tricked!
The chicken crossed to the other side
But she didn't look too dignified!

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