Saturday, August 13, 2011


suggests the topic 'Forward'.


One's whole life is spent looking forward;
To next year and next month and next week.
'I can't wait!' .....the mantra of children;
They're some of the first words they speak.
The future, that time of perfection,
That's waiting just over the rise;
That present, that trip, that vacation,
That perfect and startling surprise.
We look forward to life getting better,
We look forward to Spring with emotion,
We look forward to having a baby,
We look forward to getting promotion.
And even when life is fast fading
(And that's not a pleasant thought, is it)
We sit in our nursing home arm-chair
And look forward to that special visit.
Our whole life is spent looking forward,
We're looking ahead on the track,
But we find as we age there's the pleasure
Of taking a loving look back.


Though we're all a little past it......some of us more than others,
And destined for our rocking-chairs, like all serene grandmothers,
We like to join in harmony and sing a cheerful song
To brighten up 'the old folks' when their days are dull and long.
We're normally quite sensible, singing ballads soft and sweet,
But Lois (she's our pianist) thought-up a special treat!
'I know!' she said (Eureka style!) ' I've thought of something grand!
Let's all dress up and feature 'Alexander's Ragtime Band!'
So now we're all in funny hats, with instruments as well,
Though we're not too clever with them, pretty awful, truth to tell.
The tambourines and triangles go 'Clash' and 'Ting' together,
While marakas simply go quite mad, going hell for leather!
They talk about second childhood; well, don't dread it anyone!
When you're actually 'in' it you'll have a lot of fun.
I have to say I wonder whether the audience has fun!
But they're hauled-in willy-nilly and there's nowhere they can run!



Catherine Denton said...

I so enjoyed your "looking back" ending and all the beautiful moments you captured of looking forward. We do, don't we? Thanks for the reminder to enjoy life in the present.
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Evalinn said...

That´s a nice thought! Mine is from a completely different angle. :-)

totomai said...

we cant stop time. so i guess that's why most of us are looking forward. but you are right, why not look back and appreciate :-)

Belva Rae Staples said...

I like this, but I wish there was a way to slow down the trip to the nursing home.

California Ink in Motion said...

Living in the moment gives us the moments to remember. I always wanted to be able to tell the (not yet) grand children what I did, not what I almost did. Great poem, thought provoking as well.