Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blue Against the Blue


Blue sea, blue sky a  peaceful view,
Then why, oh why is she so blue?
She had been reading, or so I thought,
But, in an instant, she seemed distraught.
Her head went down, her shoulders bowed;
She acted defeated, sorry, cowed.
But maybe my imagination
Read too much into the situation.
What I thought was deep dejection,
Brought on by a terrible rejection,
Might have just been an aching head
Brought on by drinking too much red!
Maybe she didn't feel too bright
After carousing half the night.
I'll never know, and nor will you,
Why she looked blue against the blue.


(A Cinquain)

Deliciously brown.
Enticing, dripping, luxuriating.
Posing as a rose.
I performed at a  tiny local theatre last night. It was a sort of 'alternative' show; lots of tattoos and gypsy outfits. I felt rather out of place in my black suit! But I enjoyed most of the acts......tango dancers, belly dancers, choirs, guitars etc and everyone was very nice to me even though I stood out like a sore thumb because of my age and my conservative dressing! I like the glasses in this shot. They sort of set the mood!

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black eyed susans kitchen said...

Great picture and poem. I liked the chocolate one as well. Have you ever thought of writing for Alimentum? It is a periodical about the literature of food.