Sunday, August 14, 2011

Laugh Out Loud

asks us to laugh out loud

(An Acrostic)

Laugh out loud! It's medicine, as everybody knows;
A giggle starts up in your head and flows down to your toes.
Ugliness departs if you can guffaw with a will.
Get relief from chuckling and not from a little pill.
Have a snigger, snort or wheeze; laughter puts us at our ease.



Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
(Please don't send a reply, I beg!)
But which came first regarding zest?
And which is the meaning you like best?
In cooking we make great use of it;
It adds the final zingy bit!
Orange peel  that's grated fine
Adds a tang that's quite divine.
But we also like to say
'I feel full of zest today!'
Did someone leap about and cry
'I'm so energetic I could fly!
I'll use the word that's used for fruit!
Zest! I think that's rather cute!'
I'm so intrigued that I could burst!
Which, dear Reader, was invented first?


cj Achlottman said...

I love this little poem! It exudes fun and laughter.


21 Wits said...

I really like your poem, and right off from photo one I had to laugh out loud! Great centus! Thanks!

Gems said...

Great acrostic...and I like the meaning...laughter is best!

Gems xxx

Christine said...

very creative with the verse and the letters that spell laugh, how do you pen such great stuff so quickly

Cheryl said...

Very sweet poem.

Gems said...

You are welcome for the follow...and thank you for inviting me to come to you for a birthday or special occasion verse.

Gems xx

Unknown said...

Love the poem and adore the photo! And it's all true, you know. I feel better just reading all these silly, creative links on Jenny's blog today!

Judie said...

I may just have to post it on my fridge along with the photo!! Great take on the prompt!!

Nonna said...

Wonderful, happy and uplifting poem, true to your talent and insights, brilliant as always and a precious way to describe the power of laughter...Bravo !!!

Ames said...

Perfect! A+ ~Ames

Jo said...

what a wonderful poem! and the photo is adorable!

Sharon said...

I love this happy little acrostic! Well done!

Susan Anderson said...

Great little poem!


gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful Centus!

hinder the tremors

Tgoette said...

Absolutely stellar performance!

Jenny said...

Acrostic genius! Loved this!

As for the query in your bottom poem? I definitely need more coffee before I can even being to answer that! ha!

Thanks for linking.

Love your style.