Thursday, August 11, 2011




It's a topsy-turvy world;
Everything's upsidedown.
This tree is wearing its leaves as shoes,
When they ought to be a crown!




Imagine what may be inside!
I cannot although I tried.
A colourful cover might fascinate us!
The contents might just aggravate us!
'A Film Festival' is advertised.
So be prepared to be surprised!
Blue, blue lips and a golden eye!
I can't imagine! And I won't try!
Do I see a robot? Is that a bee?
A grey figure posing threateningly?
The festival may prove quite dull
Though on this cover there is a skull!
The films that are shown may be black and white;
The dramas unfolding boring, trite;
The actors may have no panache,
In fact the festival may be trash!
But this bold cover will coax us in
To see an old time 'Errol Flynn'
Or documentaries plainly boring
Not worthy of one more encoring.
The power of the advert we may discover.......
'Don't judge a festival by its cover!'

There really is a feeling of Spring in the air, although today was quite chilly. There are daffodils and hyacynths in the flower shops. Although such flowers are exotic here, people like to see them as harbingers of Spring. We went down to the river for lunch, to a pub called, appropriately enough, The Brewery. It was delightful looking out over the water. The 'Young Endeavour' was in port. This is a sailing ship designed for youthful adventurers. From the restaurant I could only get a part of it in.

There were many people enjoying the sunny weather.

In the restaurant.

By the Hunter River.

And here we are, having enjoyed our lunch. These are friends from Malcolm's Probus Club.

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