Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Onion Johnnies

asks us to comment on a documentary.


In the long-lost days of my youth
The Onion Johnnies were seen
Riding up and down
The streets of town
And on the village green.
We knew they came from  France
For they talked a funny way,
But the hows and whys
We didn't surmise;
And we never asked them to stay.
Now, watching the show called 'Coast'
I've discovered who they are.
They're from Brittany,
Just over the sea,
Not really very far.
And I've also learned of the ties
Between Britain and that part of France;
How we came to be
Linked by history.....
Just a matter of chance.
And it seems they ply their trade
To this day, riding on their bikes.
Their onions are sweet,
And delicious to eat,
They're a vegetable everyone likes.
When I was a child, a foreigner
Was someone exceedingly strange.
Now, because of TV,
They're familiar to me.
Sometimes I welcome change.



Even without the heady blue,
The snow-white clouds in the sky,
The burgeoning grapes show luscious
Tempting us from on high.
And soon leaves will block-out the sky-scape
And grapes will grow greenly below.
Till then let us all be happy
With the Springtime Sky-Grape Show!

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vivinfrance said...

Rinkly, I missed this at the time because I don't expect the poems here. Your Onion Johnnies brought back memories from my childhood. Probably the last time I saw onw would have been in the 60s, though from "coast" ut would seem they went on a lot longer than that. As a child, I thought all Frenchmen wore the stripey jerseys and the beret - it seemed very strange at the time.