Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ten a Penny

'What if everyone wore diamonds?'


If everyone wore diamonds, they'd simply look like glass!
Not signs of wealth and dignity and being upper-class.
The dowagers and duchesses might feel a little bitter
If everyone around them displayed the same old glitter.
To stand-out in the crowd, one would dress frugally, like Ghandi.
Which, in these very worrying times, might come in really handy!


The old bird took my bait.
'You've got a kind face, dear.'
It's no good looking at your victim
With a vicious sort of leer.
You've got to butter them up a bit,
Get smarmy, as it were.
And I could see my opening line
Had gone down well with her.
She was standing on the platform,
Alone and isolated,
Just the sort of well-heeled dame
That I've always hated.
They're the ones who hope to look
Kind and sympathetic,
Yet you know they just don't give a damn;
The whole thing is synthetic.
'You look just like my Mum' I said.
This made her give a glance.
I always enjoy this part of it;
It's rather like a dance.
'Do I?' she said. (It was a start)
'I bet you've got a son.'
Now she was really relaxing
And I was having fun.
'As a matter of fact, I have' she said
'About the same age as you'.
I decided to look crestfallen;
It's what I often do.
'Let me give you some money for a feed'
It was going really well.
You get a sixth sense about these things.
I can always tell.
It was then she opened up her bag;
The purse was nicely plump,
So I decided to show my cards



Lois Evensen said...

Wow, if I wore an outfit like that one at the top, would I look like that? Ha! NOT! ;)

Alicia said...

What an interesting take. I really enjoyed the idea of everyone dressing frugally as a consequence to diamonds becoming common. The Ghandi reference was a nice image as well. Thanks for contributing.

jabblog said...

These two rhymes complement each other so well. Would dressing frugally fool a mugger? Probably not!

Jinksy said...

If I had diamonds galore, like the lass in your first picture, I'd string 'em at my window, so the sun would create a fairy grotto for me, every time it shone on them!