Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Royalty, generally, leaves me cold;
I don't care one way or another.
But isn't this lady the ideal
Of a charming, sweet grandmother?
Her hats are often ridiculous,
But this one's a confection,
Beautifully swirled and curled
And feminine to perfection.
The generous smile is warm and sweet,
The complexion flawless too;
The laugh in the eyes quite plain to see;
The laughter-lines very few.
The Queen must often get so bored
With her dreary official round,
And 'God Save the Queen' must surely be
Her most detested sound.
But here she is being charming
To someone she has to meet!
I only wish that I could be
Even half as sweet!



I've been waving a banner!
Protesting about the War!
But I did it in a friendly manner;
I didn't gnash or roar.
I didn't show my fangs at all!
I didn't kick or bite.
Now I'm tired! Here's a shoulder!
Nice Policeman. Nighty-night!
Yesterday members of my club visited a cinema to see 'Oranges and Sunshine'. It was a very moving account of how 1500 British children we forcibly sent to Australia in the 1950s. They were told that their parents had died and they were offered a wonderful life on the other side of the world. When they arrived in Australia they were ill-treated (often by religious orders) in orphanages. This was a true story and quite heart-breaking. It is only recently that our Prime Minister has apologised to the children. They visited Parliament for this purpose. The film is well-worth seeing.
We saw the film in a private cinema where we were offered coffee and cakes on arrival, and where there was even a raffle to start the proceedings. The weather was perfect and we drove to Warners Bay for our lunch. I only got one quick shot of our surroundings when we drove into the car-park.

We then all went to Lena's for lunch. The photograph is dull, but the view out over the lake was lovely and my seafood crepe delicious.



Jil~Say It With Roses said...

The Queen looks very demure and sweet in her gorgeous pink Fascinator and I love the protester!

I had no idea about the British horrible and wrong. I am going to have to research and read more about it.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Denise at Forest Manor said...

I love your rhymes -- they're so creative. The Queen's hat is a lovely pink confection, and her smile is indeed very charming and genuine. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
What a beautiful share. I simply adore this photo of the Queen. She looks positively radiant for a woman of her age, and yes her skin is flawless, totally amazing. I love her hat, and it suits her to a "T".

Love the protester as well, and that look on the face of the policeman, PRICELESS. He is not letting it get to him one way or another.

So cute. Thank you so much for sharing with me today. I am Country Wings in Phoenix, your newest follower. I can't wait to see what you share next. Have a beautiful weekend sweetie. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

joco said...

Isn't she lovely....

What a varied post.

Linda M. said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Your Pretty In Pink and The Pink Pacifist poems make me smile. Have a great week. Linda

Roan said...

I do enjoy your poetry. The hat makes me think of cotton candy at the fair.