Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Fountain

'immune, radiate, drench'


I came upon a magic fountain as I walked in the heat of the day.
But only I could hear the words that fountain had to say.
'You're hot, you're tired, you're dusty; I'm here for your delight.
See how my waters radiate, both silvery and bright!
Drench yourself in my liquid loveliness, forget the summer heat;
Immune from the harshness of the sun you'll find that life is sweet.'
So in I dashed and was purified, refreshed and then set free.
Fancy that beautiful fountain speaking only to me!


He knows he's a noble beast! So he stands on guard at the door,
As the glass throws evening shadows across the creamy floor.
Maybe he's come from India; maybe from Siam;
But he knows very well he's a treasure so he thinks
'How great I am!
I may be only a door-stop now, but when 'they' were overseas,
They stopped in the market, wide-eyed, and I heard the lady's pleas.
'Look at that beautiful lion! It wouldn't weigh too much!
I could carry it in my luggage! It's so beautful to touch!
Look how the tail curls over! Look at that wonderful mane!
I promise I won't buy anything else until we get to Spain!'
And so, of course, they bought me (though I think they haggled a bit)
And I fitted into a suitcase, though it was a rather cramped fit!
And here I am, as a door stop, with nothing to do but stand,
And 'she' hardly ever notices me! I'm not in much demand!
But that's the way with 'mementoes' bought in a holiday mood!
I feel I'd like to trip her up! But I wouldn't be so rude!
I'll simply give her a baleful glance when she goes to walk outside,
For I am the King of the Animals, and (sorry) I have my pride.

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Sheilagh Lee said...

very refreshing the poetry.
I liked both of them.