Friday, August 26, 2011

The Price they Pay

                                                                                              Local Press



Dogs may have a sense of smell that beggars all belief.
Among the band of Sniffers, the dog is absolute Chief.
To him the world is full of scents, that titillate his nose;
Whereas we have to bend and inhale quite hard to enjoy one little rose.
He is surrounded by perfumes that we would treat with scorn.
He knows when Rover from down the street has passed across the lawn;
He pounces on a smelly sock and straightway knows the owner;
He almost knows if a titbit comes from Greece or Barcelona!
But he pays for this with a dreadful lack; he sees the world in grey....
Well, not entirely grey it seems, but heading along that way.
His world is murky, dull and dun; a vision of sepia scenes.
Not for him our scarlets, mauves, yellows and pinks and greens!
Enjoy the glorious brilliance of the colours seen above;
Think of the favourite colours that human beings love.
Turquoise, carmine, daffodil, heliotrope and tan;
Colours that have enchanted us since recorded time began.
A sense of smell must fascinate our canine friends, it's true,
But it can't make-up for never seeing silver  and midnight blue.



Rain-washed clouds and well-scrubbed sky.
The wet weather has departed.
Clouds now look feathery floating by
Now brighter weather's started.
But still there lurks a certain threat
A tinge of grey to remind us
That it may not be all over yet.
More black clouds may find us.
But palm trees pirouette and preen
In the chilly Winter weather,
Enjoying a climate that's pristine,
Now it's got its act together!

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