Thursday, August 4, 2011

So There!


asks us to use the 'wordle' words in a story.


Monty Monkey played all day in his charming jungle home.
He had no desire to wander, no desire to roam.
He'd eat a yellow banana and then swing among the trees,
Laughing at his own jokes and feeling quite at ease.
But one day an adventurer through the undergrowth came striding,
And he stood beneath the very tree under which our friend was hiding.
He was on safari and he felt he'd like a rest,
So he sat down under Monty's tree; it was the shadiest.
He ate his sandwich then, at last, he turned on his radio!
And music echoed far and wide, loud then sweet and low.
And then a voice began a story about a sandy beach.
(Beaches were unknown to Monty; they were way, way out of reach.)
Monty couldn't believe his ears! What foolish things were said!
So he dropped his largest coconut on the adventurer's head!

(An imaginary tale)
My Father locked me in a cupboard
When I was a child of three.
It was dark and I was terrified
But he would not set me free!
I screamed and beat upon the door,
I continued to cry and shout.
'Promise to be good' he cried
'And then I'll let you out!'
I promised, promised, promised,
And at last he turned the key.
I stood blinking in the sunlight,
Thankful he'd heard my plea.
Throughout a miserable childhood
He threatened me every day...
'Back into the cupboard you'll go
So make sure that you obey!'
So I obeyed, so meekly,
I never raised my voice.
Cowed, I lived under Daddy's thumb;
I felt I had no choice.
I grew up as a misfit,
An outcast and a fool,
Always hearing my Father's voice
And obeying my Father's rule.
They demolished the family home last week;
I went round to view the scene,
Gritting my teeth as I surveyed
The spot where my jail had been.
And there, on the ground, I saw it,
Rusting, the very same lock.
I picked it up and held it,
All the while in a state of shock.
Then I took the lock and hurled it
Hurled it with all my might
Away, away in the distance,
Away, away out of sight!
For a moment I stood there shaking,
I was still my Father's son,
Then I straightened my back and walked away
With my face to the blazing sun.


Marbles in My Pocket said...

Great one on the prompt--So There. The other one is dark and disturbing, written almost as if you lived it--hopefully that isn't so! Enjoyed both. Love your writing!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed both of these poems--very different of course, but each providing a unique perspective. Like your humor in the first one :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute story with the monkey but the second poem was heart-rending so much pain and anger. I don't know if it's only a story but I did come from an abusive home so it really got to me.

Unknown said...

I loved these two poems. The monkey adventure was really good. The lock was truly heart rending. Both are very well written.

MISH said...

Tsk ! tsk ! tsk ! Naughty Monty - how could he drop a coconut on somebody's head ... refreshing , fun and light-hearted ...!

e.a.s. demers said...

I love Monty! He's quite the character :-)

Cute poem!

Kay said...

Yay Monty! I just love this little poem. Thank you!

bendedspoon said...

wow! you just pulled up my lips then pulled down my heart. great writes both :)

Anonymous said...

both writes were excellent to behold - you managed to make me traverse the thin rope of emotional opposites, delight to horror effortlessly!

Springcycle said...

I love your Monty monkey poem. It had a lovely rhythm to read and made me smile!

OGUNGBESAN Last Name said...