Wednesday, August 17, 2011




Every donkey that I've met
Ends up proving to be a pet!
Yes! Those lovely gentle eyes
Open wide and what a size!
Robin, (I mean the Christopher one,)
Enjoyed his Eeyore. Oh what fun!



On night-patrol a Policeman saw a car parked down a lane;
It was all lit-up so he looked inside, gasped....then gasped again!
'What are you doing?' the Policeman said, as he took a second look.
'As you can see' said the young man 'I'm sitting here reading a book!'
Then the Officer saw, on the back seat, a young girl quietly sitting
Occupied with a woolly scarf that she was busy knitting!
'How old are you' the Policeman said. 'Eighteen' was the boy's reply.
The Policeman responded 'There's more to this, I'm sure, than meets the eye!'
Looking at his watch the young man said 'Oh, I might as well come clean....
As soon as it gets to midnight she's going to be sixteen!'

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Roger Owen Green said...

amour only slightly delayed!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team