Saturday, August 13, 2011


suggests the topic 'She'.


Subjugated throughout time
At the beck and call,
Of men, who were the master race,
And seemed to have it all.

Hopeful of a better world
Suffragettes endured
Until they found equality
And the future was ensured.

Even today, in other lands,
Inequality is rife.
SHE should have the chance to be
More than breeding machine and wife.




For the girl who has everything, I present
A gift that she'll think heaven-sent!
It's something she's needed about the house!
Yes! It's a diamond-encrusted mouse!
I thought of buying one for myself
When I saw one on the Cartier shelf.
But when I held it to give it a try
It scratched my hand and I gave a cry
'Take the ridiculous thing away!
I can afford it! I can pay!
But at home I have something more fantastic......
A well-worn mouse that's made of plastic.
It's black and boring, not slightly grand,
But it fits so well in the palm of my hand!
'Keep your diamonds' I say 'And note....
I like my mouse to be remote!'



Maude Lynn said...

Amen to that first one!

Margaret Gosden said...

Yea! But when will that ever be!