Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In a Whirl

gives us the first line; we do our worst with it!


A love-smitten girl was irate.
Her lover would always gyrate
In a dizzying fashion
At moments of passion.
She got cross when he told her 'Just wait!'


Merewether Beach


Herewith a lesson in Architecture!
(Not good enough to be called a lecture!)
Here you see our local beach
Very easily within reach.
An example of a basic form
To shelter you from sun and storm.
Four legs, a roof, a strut or two
Facing a quite appealing view.
No great church with aisles and naves;
More like one-up from the caves.
Our ancestors, from way, way back,
Suddenly found they had the knack
Of taking wood and then creating
A 'house'! The joy of fabricating!
And here are we, sophisticated,
So modern and so complicated,
Still enjoying this simple shape!
Maybe so that we can escape
From fridges, mobiles and TVs
(One certainly needs walls for these!)
Sunday on the beach! What bliss
To find a shelter such as this.
Should the sun blaze in our direction,
Here we find such sweet protection.
Should a sudden shower ensue
Here is an umbrella too.
And even if the breeze gets skittish
(We can't stand it; we're not British!)
This shelter helps a little bit
So that we're not chilled by it.
e're so advanced, so mechanised
And yet we should not be surprised
If we get more pleasure from drinking tea
Down in a 'shed' beside the sea,
Than we get from all our great expansion,
Fom shed to cottage, from house to mansion!
The weather is glorious at the moment. Spring is on the way, although it doesn't start offficially until September. It was Walking Group Day. We don't walk in the summer because it's too hot, but today the temperature was 20 degrees C. and it was perfect for walking. When we met in the car-park it was quite chilly but we  soon warmed up. Here you see the large function centre being built on the beach-front. It will house restaurants and tea-rooms and it will have fabulous views.

I managed to persuade everyone to stop for a photograph.
Looking back, the beach was bathed in sunshine but the long shadows reveal that winter is still with us.

The sea was as calm as a mill-pond. Not much fun for surfers!

This is the Whale-Watching Season, but we didn't see any. Wittilliko is the Aboriginal word for 'sing' and I think it's a good choice of name for our adopted whale.

Part of our walk was through the suburbs, where found a lot of flowers already in bloom.

We had to traverse a steep hill overlooking the sea on our way home and I began to feel tired. Here we are coming into the final stretch. Unfortunately, the cafe we'd planned to frequent for coffee was closed for repairs so I was happy to accept a coffee  from Malcolm when I got home.

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