Sunday, August 7, 2011

Knit Wit

gave us the first line


A man who was lacking in wit
Decided he'd learn how to knit.
He looked rather weird
When he knitted his beard
For he then had to talk through a slit.


To think that I complained
'Stop pulling the sheets your side!
You've got all the blankets!
I can't sleep, though I've tried!
You're absolutely selfish!
You only think of you!
It's indicative of your attitude
In everything you do!
You never help with the children!
You never cook a meal!
You never see my point of view!
You don't care how I feel!
I'm sick of the situation!
I'm sick of being bossed!
I've had enough of this marriage!
I wish you'd just get lost!'
And so you left! A week ago!
I never thought you would!
All I have is a little note
Saying 'Goodbye! Gone for good!'
And now I look at the crumpled sheets
And the emptiness of the bed
And I ask myself what made you go?
Was it something that I said?


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

You're too funny! Thanks for joining in!

Jenny said...

Funny and sad. All in the same post.

Your pictures are always so perfect for your words.