Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Twinkle Toes

I don't care if it's Photo-Shopped!
I don't care if it's merged and cropped!
I don't care if it's quite unreal!
The image has a magical feel.
In unison, the little red feet
Perform this quite amazing feat!
Asiatics are represented
As people who are regimented!
We picture the ultimate precision,
The mind-over-matter firm decision,
The power to spring up and obey
In a very, very un-Western way.
In the West, a spring like this
Would  be a matter of hit or miss.
Some little girls would be seen mid-leap,
 And three or four would be fast asleep!
Some would be looking to left or right;
Some would be at a too-high height!
In the West we muddle-through;
Apart from the stunning one or two
Who actually achieve perfection
While the rest of us look in another direction.
But I always picture the youth of China.....
Every one a toe-the-liner,
Submitting to discipline night and day
Leaping in a concerted way!
O.K.! It's probably Photo-Shopped!
And maybe such trickery should be stopped!
But this to me looks very Chinese!
Don't try to disenchant me, please!

I'm an alligator off to a party
Camouflaged as a tree!
If you saw me in the grey-green water
You never would recognise me!
I think it's a wonderful costume!
It'll fool you on closer inspection!
I look quite harmless, don't I,
Swimming in your direction!
Just your normal funny old tree-trunk.
How could that ever do any harm?
But, on my way to the party,
I might bite off your arm!



More poetry today, out at The Lake. I visited a Probus Club at Valentine and I used to live by the lake in my earlier Newcastle days so it was quite a nostalgic visit. One lady came up to me and told me that I had taught her son! He must be middle-aged now. I didn't get any photos of me spouting my poetry, but here are two of the surroundings.

The meeting-room had glorious views over the lake but the photo doesn't show them.

This is the actual view.


Maria @ LSS said...

Cute kids!

Happy RT.

Mine's here.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Those are great fun! You're amazingly prolific!

The 4-feet Wonder said...

Even I don't care if it's photo-shopped, Just like you.

Its really cute, so many red little shoes. :)

Jan n Jer said...

I had to look twice at this picture...Photo shop is fun to play with! cute littl girls in red slippers!

Ralph said...

I suppose that in some cultures conformity is prized, individuality not so much. The girls are adorable whether or not the motion shown is carefully choreographed - digitally or otherwise...

As for the lake illusion, I will not feed the log (or 'gator if we prefer), making sure my fingers remain attached to the rest of my hand...