Sunday, August 7, 2011


asks us to muse on the subject of Pleasure


It gave them so much pleasure
Discovering Sub-Prime!
The Bankers bloomed and blossomed
With ecstasy at the time.
They borrowed, lent and borrowed,
And the web spread far and wide.
Everyone could own a home!
Nobody was denied!
Oh the pleasure of the dealings!
The rubbing of the hands!
The syphoning of money
From other distant lands!
Then, one borrower defaulted!
The scheme had a nasty smell!
Then another and another!
Like dominoes they fell!
Does it give the bankers pleasure now,
To see their land laid low;
To see the assets dwindling
Where once they used to grow!
'Pride comes before a fall' they say.
And 'Look before you leap!'
Too late for little sayings!
The whole thing's gone too deep.
And all of us were guilty
Very guilty indeed;
What we mistook for pleasure
Was simply boundless greed.


(A Cinquain)

Branch silhouetted
Reaching, posing, displaying.
Perfect copy of perfection.


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Pleasure clever -- excellent -- a pleasure to read!

Old Egg said...

Dangers of Greed, that lesson that keeps being drummed into us yet we can never learn! Great poem Brenda.

keiths ramblings said...

This should be framed and hung on every bankers bedroom wall! Ecellent.

The Poet said... your pleasure image!
Sadly, we live in a world of greed and excess.

Awesome post!

Anna :o] said...

Excellent observation.

Anna :o]

Jenny said...

Can we figure out how to send a mass copy of your top rhyme out to all the greedy jerks who...


Okay, never mind.

I was starting to rant and rave.

Love the imagery in your bottom poem.