Saturday, August 20, 2011



Six letters, six words, six (main) lines

(An Acrostic)

Expect the unexpected along the way!
X may follow Y another day!
Possibilities are everywhere, left and right;
Exceptions multiply with all their might.
Curiosities pop up in unexpected places
Try to cover all your bases
My husband bought an old MG
Yesterday, and it was very unexpectedly!
Another shortening of the word for my own purposes! But the two extra lines are quite true!

He says it's like this but we don't get it till Monday. You'll have to come to Oz again next year, Mike, to have a ride in it!


The Retirement Village was all agog! A new man had arrived!
And, since a single man was rare, the ladies were deprived.
Cynthia couldn't contain herself; she rushed to the gentleman's side
Quickly she asked to know his name which was, incidentally, Clyde.
'Where have you moved from?' Cynthia said, her cheeks a pretty pink.
'Well' said Clyde 'Just yesterday they let me out of clink.'
'What were you there for?' Cynthia said, looking quite wide-eyed.
'Sadly, I was in prison because my third wife died.'
'Oh, how sad!' said Cynthia, drawing-in her breath;
'And how......?' And he replied 'I strangled her to death.'
'Then what about your second wife?' 'I shot her with a gun;
I simply found her conversation wasn't too much fun'.
' It's all so sad' said Cynthia. 'What about the third?'
'I pushed her off a balcony; she died without a word'.
Suddenly Cynthia felt quite warm, in fact all of a tingle.
And she shouted over to her friend
'Yoohoo, Beatie! He's single!'


mike ansell said...

I'm so pleased that Rinkly Rimes is 'up and running' again.
We certainly missed you for those three days last week !
..........and a new classic car in the family as well. !!!
What will happen to your lovely green Triumph, seen 'On Parade' in your picture yesterday ?


kate said...

i love your taken on this
and happy to read your words!

Melissa Camara Wilkins said...

Expect the unexpected-- and enjoy it!
A new car seems like an
enjoyable kind of unexpected. Oh my!